Keep your CRM updated in real time.

Connect industry software and routing tools to enable automatic updates directly from Slingshot into your CRM.

Transfer every interaction
Automatically send customer details directly into your CRM. Upload new lead information, call notes, and more.
Better customer service
Sync your CRM so Slingshot agents can view route schedules, billing information and more. More visibility increases 1st call resolution.
Save time with automation
Avoid manual data entry by connecting Slingshot call notes, and customer details straight into your CRM.
Your single source of truth
Keep your CRM the primary source of information by automatically importing all Slingshot interactions.
Avoid costly mistakes
Protect data integrity by letting our software talk to yours. Remove the human element of data entry and reduce entry errors.
360 degrees of reporting
Fully utilize your CRMs reporting tools by centralizing all of your customer communication into one place.

We partner with software tools that help home service companies thrive in the modern economy.

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“After adding Slingshot’s web chat service, we started hearing from millenials and other web savvy users who might never have called us.”

Bill Welsh | VP of Sales at Rose