Urgent calls. Solved. Finally.

Keep everyone in the loop and take care of your customers around the clock.

Rest easy with 24/7 phone support
Give your staff peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. No more late shifts, accidental wake-ups, or missed calls.
Exceed expectations & improve retention
Never mishandle an emergency call again. Get accurate call intake, seamless team communication, and immediate dispatching.
Create multiple dispatching schedules
Add separate weekday, weekend and holiday schedules. Include an unlimited amount of on-call technicians, staff and managers.
Use omni-channel notifications
Set alerts by phone, text or email. Workers can receive incident details from any device, and notifcations repeat until someone responds.

Full visibility and accountability

View the full incident report and make sure clients are taken care of. Track every call, see if they were handled correctly, and which workers were notified.

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“Slingshot’s service makes life easier for our team and helps us respond when our customer’s need us the most. We recommend them to everyone in the industry.”

John Crouch | ABC Home & Commercial Services