Call tracking and marketing attribution

Assign unique phone numbers to each marketing campaign. Track results and focus your budget on the best performing lead sources.

Free call tracking numbers
Use our phone numbers at no extra cost. Request new numbers each month and assign unique ones to each lead source.
Maximize marketing spend
View total calls and new revenue from each marketing number. Dump bad lead sources, and focus your budget on the top performers.
Never miss a sales call
Slingshot reps answer your marketing calls at all hours. Whether it’s a busy Monday or on a weekend, we’ve got you covered.
Test new campaigns with ease
Use Slingshot as a sandbox. Send calls from trial campaigns to our agents. Measure results, and move successful lead sources in-house.
Full visibility & control
Listen to recordings for deeper context into lead source quality. Create custom discounts and pricing for individual marketing campaigns.
Rank higher in Google Guaranteed
Send your Google Guaranteed calls directly to Slingshot. Keep hold times low and outrank the competition to earn more lead volume.

Make better business decisions

Business intelligence is for everyone — marketers can measure lead source performance, sales managers get real-time close rate reports, and business owners have visibility into Slingshot’s bottom-line impact.

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“Modern customers hate waiting. Slingshot gets us in touch with customers who would have otherwise given up and contacted a competitor.”

John Crouch | ABC Home & Commercial Services