The 5 R’s of Automation for Pest Control Operators
Strategic partner to Slingshot, PestRoutes, has joined us for this blog post to help break down automation for pest control. Now, together with their expertise, let’s dive into the why, what, and how of automation for pest control operators.
Slingshot And Aptive's Partnership Reaches 500K Customer Interactions
Slingshot serves Aptive Environmental through explosive growth with 100 dedicated agents focused on multiple campaigns, including 24/7, omni-channel sales, receivables, customer service and retention.
The 5-Star Question: What Do Your Customers Say About You?
Whether you’re in pest control, lawn, or HVAC, when you run a home services business, the way people talk about your company matters. Here’s what you need to know about how you can use word-of-mouth marketing to your advantage.
Reveal Highlights: Customer Experience and Automation for Pest Control
In conjunction with PestWorld 2020, we held our own virtual event to reveal our much anticipated product strategy, enabling pest control and home services providers to automate scheduling, billing, and other customer service tasks. Here are the highlights!
Slingshot Launches Integrated Chatbot and IVR-to-Text
Slingshot shared record breaking metrics for customer interactions during the Slingshot Reveal along with their product strategy that will enable pest control and home services providers to automate scheduling, billing, and other customer service tasks.
The Slingshot Reveal on 10/22: The Virtual Pest Control Event
Slingshot will change the way pest control providers operate in the future. During the Slingshot Reveal on October 22nd at 11am MT, we will unveil our plans for automation and system integration.
Saving Time and Boosting Culture with Green Pest Services
Learn how Jared Borg, Owner and Partner of Green Pest Services and Pointe Pest optimizes his business with on-demand customer service and 24/7 response, while also improving work/life balance for his employees.
Why Web Chat Should be a Part of Your Customer Engagement Strategy
Most statistics show that web chat use is consistently growing in popularity so if it’s customer engagement you’re after, implementing web chat for your home services business is a must. Here’s what you’ll need to know before diving headfirst into the live chat website model for your business.
Slingshot Helps Open Doors for Certus with Webchat
Certus shares how they increased web traffic through Slingshot webchat and were able to continue answering calls and serving customers through crises like COVID-19, power outages, and more by using the Slingshot platform.
Rose Pest Solutions Handles Emergency Calls with Slingshot
Rose Pest Solution calls on Slingshot to handle their high-priority calls for the perfect emergency solution. With Slingshot, pest emergencies are immediately taken care of while other less urgent calls are re-prioritized. See how Slingshot works as a 24/7 emergency response pest control solution.
Redefining Pest Control Strategies for 2020
William “Bill” Welsh, VP of Sales and region manager for Rose Pest Solutions and Gui Bergeron, CEO of Frontline Pest Control discuss how they’ve adapted their businesses this year to adjust for the challenges and opportunities brought by Covid-19.
What Today’s Trends Mean for Home Services Providers
Consumer behavior is changing for home services providers at a rapid rate. Discover today’s top trends, the challenges that lay ahead, and the solutions that can lead to a thriving business.
Webinar Recap: Profitability Fundamentals with Patrick Quigley
We had the opportunity to partner with Pest Control Technology (PCT) for their Business Boosters Webinar series. Patrick Quigley, founder of Sales Training by Design, and Chris Huntsman, Co-Founder of Slingshot, joined us to present, "Cross Serving" your Clients for Enhanced Profitability.
Adapting your Customer Service Model
Customer service representatives (CSRs) play a vital role for home services businesses. A good CSR team can be the difference between making or losing a sale. Here are a few key changes you can implement to ensure your CSR team is set up for success.
Improve Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable for Home Services Providers
Accounts receivable doesn’t need to become a graveyard for abandoned payments. With the right strategies and the help of a collections BPO, you can take action to protect your company from unnecessary losses. Try these nine tips for more effectively collecting overdue payments.
The Value of 24/7 Sales and Support
Today’s consumers expect 24/7 accessibility from businesses large and small. Adding after-hours availability can help elevate your home services business across the board—ensuring that you’re not missing out on a new opportunity due to timing. Learn more about the benefits of 24/7 response here.
Slingshot and Anticimex Achieve 500% ROI
Slingshot’s around-the-clock, virtual sales support helps powerhouse Anticimex across it’s many brands to solve seasonality, training, and turnover challenges.
Fear and Trembling
It’s happened again. You called with the express purpose of leaving a voicemail – a tidy, semi-scripted transmission complete with all the pertinent facts and a tasteful flourish of personality. But now, everything’s coming undone. Instead of the welcoming tone of the voi...
Who’s Laughing Now?
On a spring day in 2000, Reed Hastings strolled into the Dallas headquarters of Blockbuster Entertainment, LLC. Hastings, founder of an upstart entertainment company, had a simple proposition for the video distribution giant. His company, Netflix, would manage Blockbuster’s online offering, while...